Event Details

Huntsville                                                      John Paul II

Decatur                                                          Austin

Sparkman                                                      Buckhorn

Bob Jones                                                     Westminister

Lee                                                                  Randolph

Mae Jemison                                                Madison County

Columbia                                                       Hartselle

Grissom                                                         Madison Academy


  1. All Games will be 22 minutes in length with a running clock. One of the two linesmen will operate the game clock.  The clock runs continuous during the games. The game clock will NOT stop after a score or change of possession-The white hat will blow the 25 second clock to put the ball in play to attempt the PAT and as well as to start the next possession. 

The game clock will only stop for:

    1. Delay of Game by the Offense (plus 5 yards from LOS)
    2. an injury


  • The field will be 40 yards in length, plus a 10 yard end zone, with all possession starting at the 40 yard line. No matter where the defense stops the offense, they take over at the 40.
  • Play begins when the ball is snapped to the QB.
  • There are no running plays allowed; everyone is eligible to receive a pass except the center. Double passes are not allowed.
  • The QB has 4 seconds to release the ball, or it is blown dead, returning to the line of scrimmage for the next down.  (The “white hat” will have a stopwatch (we will provide) and he will start the watch on the snap and after the ball is released by the QB he will stop the watch-if the pass has been thrown within 4 seconds then the play is “a legal” play.  If the pass has not been thrown within the 4 seconds the white hat will blow the whistle and hold up his hand to signify a violation and the ball will be returned to the previous spot for the next down.)
  • First down is made by crossing 25yd line in 3 downs. Then you have 3 downs to cross 10 yd line. You will then have 3 downs to score.


A touchdown scores                                                       6 points

PAT by passing from the 5 yard line scores              1 point

PAT by passing from the 10 yard line scores            2 points

Defensive stop on downs scores                                  2 points

Interception by the Defense                                         3 points


In the event on an interception occurs on the last down the defense will only receive 3 points, the 2 points for the stop will not be awarded in this instance.

  1.  There are no fumbles:  the ball is dead when it touches the ground.  Ball is spotted at last forward progress of the ball carrier.  The only exception is the center QB exchange.  If a center snap is dropped the QB can pick it up and the 4 second rule still applies.
  2.  The ball carrier is down when touched by one hand by a defender, and the ball is spotted at the spot of forward progress.
  3.  There is no rushing the quarterback or crossing the line of scrimmage, until after a pass is thrown.
  4. Once the offensive team scores, possession changes.  If the defense prevents the offense from achieving a first down, possession will also change.
  5.  Regular American football rules apply, with the following special 7 on 7 football situations:



  1. Blocking or holding = 5 yards from spot of the foul and loss of down
  2. Illegal motion = 5 yards repeat down.
  3. Offensive pass interference = 5 yards from LOS and loss of down.
  4. Delay of game = 5 yards from LOS and clock stops
  5. Normal substitution rules apply. Extra players must be off the field at the break of the huddle. (offensive or defensive subs cannot watch from behind the huddle.)

If an offensive penalty occurs when the enforcement spot is the 40 yard line, the penalty yardage would move the first down marker (the 25 yd line) the amount of the yardage associated with the infraction. If the offense is charged with illegal procedure and the LOS was the 40 yd line, the penalty will be assessed by moving the first down marker  to the 20 yd line and repeat the down.


  1. Tackling, holding = 10 yards from LOS and repeat the down (unless the penalty yards go past the 25 or 10 yard line); Ejection for flagrant violation
  2. Offside = 5 yards and repeat down.
  3. Pass interference = 10 yards from LOS and repeat the down
  4. Illegal rushing -5 yards repeat down

The referees will be the final decision-maker on all plays: there will be no arguing of calls by coaches or players, but coaches can ask for rule clarification.

This is a non-contact game, and any flagrant contact will cause immediate ejection by the judgment of the official.  Any trash talking or unsportsmanlike conduct will also be cause for ejection again by the judgment of the official.  Any player who is ejected may return to play in the next contest.  Any player who is ejected a second time is removed from tournament competition.

  • A play in progress at the final whistle is completed.  The game cannot end on a defensive penalty, unless the offense declines it.
  • There will be a 25 sec. play clock kept by the linesman not keeping the game clock.
  • Injury – the clock will stop at the discretion of the referee.  If the clock does stop the player must leave for at least one play.
  • If the last play of the game results in a defensive stop or a defensive interception the defensive team will be awarded the appropriate points.
  •  ***Overtime:  If the score is tied at the end of regulation overtime will be played.  There will be a flip of the coin to determine 1st possession.  After a 1 minute break, each team will have a possession from the 10 yard line. Each team will have up to 3 plays to score (unless a penalty allows for a replay of the down).  If the team that has possession first in each overtime period scores-the opponent must score in the same number of downs that it took the first team to score (i.e.  the first team scores on 2nd down-the opponent only has 2 downs to score).  This will continue with teams alternating 1st possession until the tie is broken.  Teams must try for PAT from the 10 yd line for 2 pts in overtime.  There is no defensive scoring in overtime.



  1. Offensive coaches are the only coaches that can be on the field, behind the huddle.
  2.  There can only be 7 offensive players in the huddle.
  3. Defensive coaches can be on sideline or in back of the endzone.
  4. Use of mouthpieces optional-each school will decide whether or not to use mouthpieces.


Procedural Rules

  1. This is a 16 team tournament that consists of (4) 4 team pools playing 6 games.
  2. The top team from each pool as determined by overall record will advance to the semi-finals.
  3. Any tie will be determined by:
  4. Head to head.
  5. If 3 way tie where all 3 teams defeated each other-the tie breaker will be the team that gave up the least points between the teams in question.
  6. If the tie cannot be broken by #3 under procedural rules then a coin flip will take place-the odd man will advance to the semi-finals”
  7. All players must wear helmets.





Date & Time

June 28, 2022

June 28, 2022


Milton Frank Stadium
2801 15th Ave SW Huntsville, AL 35805