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The 2024 AHSAA State Soccer Championships is a single elimination tournament in each classification according to a pre-drawn bracket. In the finals and semi-finals, teams listed on the top of the brackets will be designated as the home team.


All tickets will be purchased through GoFan $12.00 plus processing fee.


Semi-Finals Wednesday
9:00 AM 1A-3A Girls(F1)  1A-3A Girls (F2)
11:00 AM 1A-3A Boys (F1) 1A-3A Boys (F2)
01:00 PM 4A Girls (F1)  4A Girls (F2)
03:00 PM 4A Boys (F1) 4A Boys (F2)
05:00 PM 5A Girls (F1) 5A Girls (F2)
07:00 PM 5A Boys (F1) 5A Boys (F2)

Semi-Finals Thursday
9:00 AM 6A Girls (F1) 6A Girls (F2)
11:00 AM 6A Boys (F1) 6A Boys (F2)
01:00 PM 7A Girls (F1) 7A Girls (F2)
03:00 PM 7A Boys (F1) 7A Boys (F2)

Championships Friday
9:00 AM 5A Boys (F1) 4A Boys (F2)
11:30 AM 5A Girls (F1) 1A-3A Boys (F2)
02:00 PM 4A Girls (F1)  1A-3A Girls (F2)

Championships Saturday
9:00 AM 6A Boys (F1) 7A Girls (F2)
11:30 AM 6A Girls (F1) 7A Boys (F2)

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Date & Time

May 8, 2024

May 11, 2024


Loretta Spencer Sports Complex
John Hunt Park
2151 Airport Rd Huntsville, AL 35801